Tips for Finding the Right House to Rent in Singapore

Whether you are looking for a house for rent in Singapore to live in by yourself or to share with your whole family, you may be focused on finding the right house. Singapore spans across 718 square kilometres, and there are rental options in each region that may be suitable for your needs. With such a large area to cover with your search and with your own rental criteria and budget in the back of your mind, you may be looking for a great way to find the right house quickly. By following helpful tips, you can more easily narrow down the options.


Review Qualifications for HDB Housing

reviewFor those who are in the market to rent an affordable home, HDB housing may be a great idea. You can find an HDB house for sale or for rent in various areas of the city. These are special government-subsidized units that are available to qualified applicants. In order to qualify, you will need to apply for a unit, and you will need to meet specific criteria. You can easily research the criteria and requirements in place online today to determine with greater accuracy if these affordable housing options are suitable for you. If you do qualify, considering these units first is a great way to narrow down your search.


Research Different Areas of Singapore

research on housesIn addition, you may consider learning more about the different areas of Singapore. You may have lived in Singapore for many years or even for your entire life, and you may feel as though you know everything there is to know about the different areas. However, new developments, changes in MRT access and even fluctuations in the rental market may have occurred. These are just a few of the changes that make it beneficial for you to conduct research about the different areas of Singapore before you make a decision about where to live. By learning more about the different areas, you may find that one area that you have not yet considered is actually most appealing to you.


Visit the Houses

After you have taken these steps and have reviewed some of the listings that meet your criteria, you may have narrowed down the options considerably. The next step to take is to visit the houses in person. It can be helpful to work with a property agent to visit the houses.

visit houses

visit the house with agent

The agent may be able to set up a tour of homes over the course of an afternoon or evening so that you can compare all of the suitable options in a short period of time. This is a step that you want to take when you are ready to sign a lease. There is a good chance that you will find a house you love on your tour, and you will want to act quickly to sign a lease so that another renter does not lock in the property before you do.

Finding a great property to rent in Singapore can be frustrating, but it may not be as difficult as you think. By researching all of the options up-front, you can more easily narrow down the options that are best suited for your needs.

house hunting tips

10 useful house hunting tips

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Best Advice to Buy an Affordable Property in Singapore

If you are in the market to purchase property in Singapore in the near future, you may be actively listening to real estate market news and paying attention to market conditions so that make an informed decision about your purchase. You may have also made a list of the features that you are looking for in your new property and prepared a budget so that you do not buy a house that is too expensive for you to manage with your financial situation. While these are all important steps to take as you prepare to buy a new property in Singapore, you may also consider paying attention to this helpful advice.

Research HDB Requirements

The Singapore government has recognized that real estate in the area can be too expensive for some, and it has some subsidized housing options available for qualified individuals. HDB in Singapore is available in many desirable areas, and these are affordable housing solutions. A smart idea for those who are looking for an affordable housing solution is to research the HDB requirements early in the house hunting process. If you qualify for this type of housing, you may be able to save a lot of money.

Review Foreclosures

Another option is to review the foreclosures in Singapore. There are always foreclosures available, but market conditions have resulted in a greater number of options in recent months. These are homes that lenders have taken back from previous owners, and they are typically listed on the market for sale at prices that are below market rates. If you can find the right property in the list of foreclosure listings available, you may be able to get a great deal on a wonderful property.

Look for Motivated Sellers

You can find attractive deals through foreclosure listings and HDB listings. However, these are not the only great deals available in the Singapore market. Some sellers are highly motivated to sell their properties. They may be struggling to make their payments, facing foreclosure or dealing with personal issues that make it highly desirable to sell quickly. Some of these sellers may be willing to negotiate with you on the sales price, pay for some of your closing costs or make other concessions to motivate you to buy their property. Your real estate agent may help you to identify which sellers are most motivated and willing to make a deal with you.

Singapore is a market that is well-known for having high-priced real estate, and the cost of real estate may be far too expensive for some buyers to consider making a purchase. However, as you can see, there are several great ways that you may be able to get a wonderful deal on a great property in Singapore. You may need to do some research and work with a real estate agent to uncover these deals, but your effort in these areas may be well-rewarded when you purchase a beautiful home at a reasonable price.

A Simple Guide to Buying Property in Malaysia

Buying property in Malaysia can be both beneficial and confusing at the same time. However with careful planning and evaluation, individuals who choose to purchase property in the country will have an easier time getting what they are looking for. During the process of buying property it is important to know things such as legal implications, the property purchase process as well as the financial obligations you will need to meet when owning a property in Malaysia (ask StarProperty). By keeping these things in mind, individuals who buy property in Malaysia will greatly benefit.

The first thing to consider when buying a house, building or land in Malaysia is the legal implications. It is important to understand how the laws in Malaysia effect property owners and those looking to buy a property in this country. When it comes purchasing property in Malaysia, an individual can purchase a minimum of $76,000 US dollars in property. Individuals can purchase either two condos or one condo that has two stories or lands/bungalows. As well as the value of type of property that can be purchased, buyers must also use a real estate lawyer to complete the transaction.

Impiana-Nusajaya-Resort-Apartments-edited-for-onlineWhen looking to purchase property in Malaysia, buyers must be know the process of buying a property in the country. The first thing you will need to do when purchasing property in Malaysia is to hire a lawyer who specializes in real estate. After a buyer chooses the property they want to buy, they will need to sign a Letter of Offer/Acceptance and then make a deposit of 3%.

After this step, the buyer must make another 7% deposit after 14 days of signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Then the buyer will need to pay the full amount of the purchase price within three months. Once this is done, then the Sale and Purchase agreement needs to be submitted to the Stamp Office. This organization will then examine the property and make sure that the property is in good condition and that the value of the property is accurate. The Stamp Duty must be paid and then it is registered at the Land Office Registry.

It is important to make sure that the property is in good condition and that it is valued accurately. By ensuring these two things, you will be certain that you are not getting ripped off and that you can successfully complete the purchase. It is also important to make sure that you use the services of a reputable real estate lawyer who will guide you through the process as well. Following these tips and knowing the legal and purchase process will help make purchasing property in Malaysia a smooth transition.



6 Websites That Will Help You Find A Room for Rent in Malaysia

With the internet, it’s easy to find rooms for rent in Malaysia. There are dozens of websites that provide comprehensive descriptions, images and virtual walk-throughs and other material to help you find the perfect place to live. Here are the top 6 websites for finding sublets in Malaysia.

1. – This site is easy to understand and navigate. It has dozens of options for narrowing down the search. Each advertisement includes multiple pictures and information about the neighborhood and local attractions. It is limited to room rentals; apartment and house searches are redirected off site.


2. – This site is a lot like Craigslist. Ads are in a blog-style format with descriptions, price and pictures. People looking for a room to rent can place an ad describing what they need and get contacted by an agent able to meet those needs. The site also offers other information helpful when moving to a new place.You can even ask specific questions, and the community will try to answer them quickly and comprehensively.


3. – Another site very similar to Craigslist, Rooms-To-Let features ads in a blog format. There are several ways to search the site, including by map and amenities. Compared to the other sites, this one doesn’t include as much helpful information as do the others.


4. – This site is different than the others. It’s focused on individual rooms, vacation rentals and hotel/hostel rentals. The setup is interesting with a map on the left, and search results coming up automatically on the right every time you move the map.




5. – You can search for anything from a room to a house, vacation rentals to hotels. This site also includes reviews and ratings of each property from people who stayed there. This can help the search tremendously. It also allows you to compare properties easily.





6. – This site allows you to post for free. Its database has over 100,000 listings of rooms, vacation rentals and short-term leases. Possibly one of the best room for rent sites in Malaysia.




By using the internet to search for the perfect place in Malaysia, you can easily and quickly find the right room. Most websites offer information about the surrounding area, and provide experienced reviews and ratings to facilitate the search.



A Remarkable Shopping Experience in Selangor, Malaysia

If you are looking for a remarkable shopping experience, Selangor in Malaysia is one of the places you shouldn’t miss. Malaysia has developed its country into one of the best tourist spots as well as the best shopping destinations in the world, which makes the Selangor one of the most favorite spot for shopping. Shopping malls, flea markets, boutiques and different stores have sprung up all over the place. That is you can find anything from clothing, shoes and bags, accessories, gifts, games, handmade items, house wares, designer brands and more. You will enjoy this place and will find it exceptionally beautiful. You will also experience the top of the line store with friendly services.


Check out the Gigantic Malls

When it comes to one stop shopping, you can go to different malls here in Selangor. You will find here you can find almost anything that you want, from clothing, shoes and bags up to gadgets and accessories, even the best food in the Malaysia. You can drop by Sunway Giza Mall and enjoy their promotions, different avenues to shop and mall events that will give you an unforgettable shopping experience.


Sunway Giza Mall
Sunway Giza Mall


If you want a really big shopping adventure, you can go to Empire Subang. This is a Gigantic 5 story high mall with 180 stores to shop. You will find remarkable and eye popping items that you might not have seen where you live.

Empire Subang Giant Indoor Slider
Empire Subang Giant Indoor Slider


The Setia Walk is indeed a walk to remember. This is a place where you can stay, work, play and shop till you drop. This is a one stop shopping experience for you and your entire family. All the things you wanted to do and have are all right here, from luxury residences and grand hotels up to the best fitness clubs, workstations, and recreational facilities all in one place.


Setia Walk
Setia Walk



Other shopping experiences

You can also go to Selangor flea markets, street markets and night markets where you can find an assortment of exquisite and exotic items. If you are interested in antiques, traditional handicrafts and curios, you can find it here. Make your shopping experience the best experience

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home in Malaysia

Malaysia real estate is booming. But when you buy a home in this country, you are not only purchasing a shelter; you are also buying a lifestyle and a neighborhood in the vicinity. You are also buying into the schools, entertainment venues, recreational facilities, emergency facilities and other elements that make up a good community. Therefore, it is important that you start ranking your preferences in an order that is of importance to you.

How to find a best place to live in Malaysia? First, begin to research the variety of available homes that meet your needs (you can visit the Top Real Estate Malaysia Portal). Drive around that neighborhood and see if it appeals to you. If you are in contact with a broker, you will have the opportunity to walk through homes that are up for sale. Features that mark the theme of the neighborhood will stand out in your potential home and you will begin to understand what type of home you are buying. Next, discuss the neighborhood with your agent. Narrow down your choices to less than 5 homes. This will help you to better focus on these homes and work toward finding the best one.

Because purchasing a home is a personal decision, there are a few key factors like explained below to consider before you start your home search.

1. Do you want to buy a home surrounded by lots of lands or one in a city? Depending on the population density, your future home will have certain price and land surrounding it. Schools, parks and cultural life are other issues of concern to potential homeowners.

2. Do you want to live near new businesses that attract high population growth or near natural elements like forests, lake, ponds or oceans? It all depends on your favorite setting so keep in mind as you explore the homes.

3. What are your family educational needs five or ten years from now? Consider the proximity to elementary, high-schools and colleges when moving into a neighborhood.

4. What kind of entertainment keeps you alive? Create a list of recreation spots that you enjoy the most, such as parks, movie theaters, sports arenas and bike trails within walking distance from your future home.

5. What is your neighborhood choice? Note that moving into a family friendly neighborhood will go a long way toward creating a life you always envisioned.

These factors will help you take proactive approach during your home search in Malaysia.


Buying A Home In 7 Easy Steps