Tips for Finding the Right House to Rent in Singapore

Whether you are looking for a house for rent in Singapore to live in by yourself or to share with your whole family, you may be focused on finding the right house. Singapore spans across 718 square kilometres, and there are rental options in each region that may be suitable for your needs. With such a large area to cover with your search and with your own rental criteria and budget in the back of your mind, you may be looking for a great way to find the right house quickly. By following helpful tips, you can more easily narrow down the options.


Review Qualifications for HDB Housing

reviewFor those who are in the market to rent an affordable home, HDB housing may be a great idea. You can find an HDB house for sale or for rent in various areas of the city. These are special government-subsidized units that are available to qualified applicants. In order to qualify, you will need to apply for a unit, and you will need to meet specific criteria. You can easily research the criteria and requirements in place online today to determine with greater accuracy if these affordable housing options are suitable for you. If you do qualify, considering these units first is a great way to narrow down your search.


Research Different Areas of Singapore

research on housesIn addition, you may consider learning more about the different areas of Singapore. You may have lived in Singapore for many years or even for your entire life, and you may feel as though you know everything there is to know about the different areas. However, new developments, changes in MRT access and even fluctuations in the rental market may have occurred. These are just a few of the changes that make it beneficial for you to conduct research about the different areas of Singapore before you make a decision about where to live. By learning more about the different areas, you may find that one area that you have not yet considered is actually most appealing to you.


Visit the Houses

After you have taken these steps and have reviewed some of the listings that meet your criteria, you may have narrowed down the options considerably. The next step to take is to visit the houses in person. It can be helpful to work with a property agent to visit the houses.

visit houses

visit the house with agent

The agent may be able to set up a tour of homes over the course of an afternoon or evening so that you can compare all of the suitable options in a short period of time. This is a step that you want to take when you are ready to sign a lease. There is a good chance that you will find a house you love on your tour, and you will want to act quickly to sign a lease so that another renter does not lock in the property before you do.

Finding a great property to rent in Singapore can be frustrating, but it may not be as difficult as you think. By researching all of the options up-front, you can more easily narrow down the options that are best suited for your needs.

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Most Sought After Office Locations in Singapore

The most sought after office locations in Singapore vary depending on the nature of the business that is being done and its ties to the shipping industry. Though Singapore is a small city-state, there are still many places where businesses can locate their offices to complete a good many tasks. Choosing the right office location requires a little bit of thought and research.

Most people can find Singapore’s top office location here if they determine what the purpose of their business is, which other businesses they should be close to and how much they want to spend on renting or purchasing their office space. With this strategy, everyone who wants to open a business office can find just the right spot for their office without much trouble.


Marina Bay Financial Center
SingaporemMarina Bay Financial Center


The business that needs to be near an industrial area or shipping locale should consider how close they want to get. However, the business must also consider whether or not they need storage space. There are companies that simply ship items in and out of the country on a regular basis. There are other companies, though, that must store the items they are shipping. This means that some companies need a warehouse while others simply need a small office that is near the port.

Businesses that work in finance or computer technology should be closer to companies that deal with money and information technology. The proximity to these other companies makes it easier to know what the competition is up to while also making it easier to show the competition what they are up against.


Ocean Financial Center Singapore
Ocean Financial Center Singapore


Finally, businesses that work mostly in sales should be able to work with other companies to which they sell their items. Therefore, it is best for the company to determine which companies they will most likely sell to and move closest to them. Having customers right around the corner makes it much easier to service their account. Plus, customers who are right around the corner are more likely to come over and get help with their accounts.

Giving customer who are working with a business that is in sales an office that is easy to visit will create more loyal customers than anything else. Also, these facilities do not have to be large. They simply need to be close to where all of the action is.


UOB Plaza Singapore
UOB Plaza Singapore

When choosing the best place to locate a business, it is wise to remember what the business does and who it does business with. Choosing a strategically-advantageous location is something that will make a business more viable on the marketplace. Without making the right choices, a business will simply open an office that is not going to do anything but eat up cash.


Duo Office Tower Singapore
Duo Office Tower Singapore



Modern DUO Tower Singapore
Modern DUO Tower Singapore

When businesses choose the right place to relocate in Singapore, they are choosing the best place to run their operations, to work with their customers and to be nearest to their competition. Combining all of these factors makes a business’ location most vital in the marketplace today.