Motivational Decorations for Your Home: Part 1

Our home is the place where we spend significant amount of time in, and the mood which we set for the home influences our motivation levels without us realising about it. Our home should be decorated in a way which inspires us to be energetic and enthusiastic about a new day. Decorating your home can also be a boost to your home’s value when preparing to offer the property for sale. Have you intentionally decorated your home this way?

There are many ways which people design their homes for that extra “energy” boost. Some people call it fengshui, while others may be using simple logic instead. Let us look at the different motivational decorations for our homes and its influence on real estate.


The easiest and probably most basic motivational or mood developer item that you can use at home is colour. Your walls, ceilings and furniture colours ideally should be in matching colours with each other to enable a calming effect to you when you get home from a hectic day at work.

Many interior designers and architects stick to a few basic earth tone colours, matching with white, and simple designs for that modern style in their work. There is the use of basic simple lines, and there is not much floral pattern in the present design works despite the return of floral wallpapers. However, motivational colours are not just for the sake of building designs.

Some people may intentionally get red colour furniture to boost their enthusiasm and the ‘fire’ within them. They need such colours to jump start their day, probably because they need to be in the position of leadership. Some people may use yellow instead of red, and they get their inner fiery started up early in the day just to make themselves more powerful at work. Some others may choose cool colours around the property such as blue or green, and these colours effectively cool down their bad tempers, making their start of the day with a lot more patience. White is also a common colour, and it helps to clear a person’s thoughts for better decision making.

Stay tuned for Motivational Decorations for Your Home: Part 2

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