Motivational Decorations for Your Home: Part 2

Continued from Motivational Decorations for Your Home: Part 1

Statues and sculptures

There are bound to be some people who motivate you a lot. Some people may actually get the sculpture or the statue of the person who inspires them most, and put them in the hallway to serve as a daily reminder for that boost before going off for work.

Statues and sculptures may appeal to some of people especially if you see the significant emotional appeal to you personally. However, for motivational purposes, it will be good to find sculptures that are more positive, such as that of a successful icon, rather than getting one which might show a sorrowful face. Remember that you are putting it at your home, so it should be motivating you to give you more positive and vibrant energy throughout your property instead of pulling down your morale.


Many people say that a picture tells a thousand words. But again, different people may interpret a same picture differently.

Take, for example, a lovely painted picture of a huge sailboat in the middle of sea. Some people may interpret it as a motivational idea of adventure, standing against the rough seas and to go against the current, sailing smoothly according to the movements of the wind. However, another person may interpret it as a rough spot, a very demotivating mood set by the atmosphere of the dark blue sea. It can have two totally different feel altogether, and depending on the type of person you are, you should try to get an inspirational piece that will strike your happiness chord right away instead of allowing room for too much interpretations.


About a decade ago, there was the craze about using crystals in real estate for fengshui purposes. There are hundreds of natural crystals from around the world, and in the world of fengshui, crystals are supposed to draw positive energy together and project it to its surrounding to give us better control of our lives, towards the direction of goodness and prosperity which most of us are always seeking for.

The most common types of crystals for the home are amethyst and quartz. These stones may come in very large pieces, and amethyst is especially profound with the mini crystal hill that it is always found in.  The purple stone is supposed to bring the energy of calmness and patience to an aggressive person, while the yellow quartz is supposed to help draw in prosperity to the owner.


The last popular item especially in Chinese homes is scrolls. There are usually some lovely calligraphic writings on them, sometimes it can be a single word that serves as a reminder to the person, or sometimes it can be a poem of some sort. The interpretations can be universal, or it can also be personal to you, but it does not matter, as long as it has a strong appeal to motivate you.


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