Most Sought After Office Locations in Singapore

The most sought after office locations in Singapore vary depending on the nature of the business that is being done and its ties to the shipping industry. Though Singapore is a small city-state, there are still many places where businesses can locate their offices to complete a good many tasks. Choosing the right office location requires a little bit of thought and research.

Most people can find Singapore’s top office location here if they determine what the purpose of their business is, which other businesses they should be close to and how much they want to spend on renting or purchasing their office space. With this strategy, everyone who wants to open a business office can find just the right spot for their office without much trouble.


Marina Bay Financial Center
SingaporemMarina Bay Financial Center


The business that needs to be near an industrial area or shipping locale should consider how close they want to get. However, the business must also consider whether or not they need storage space. There are companies that simply ship items in and out of the country on a regular basis. There are other companies, though, that must store the items they are shipping. This means that some companies need a warehouse while others simply need a small office that is near the port.

Businesses that work in finance or computer technology should be closer to companies that deal with money and information technology. The proximity to these other companies makes it easier to know what the competition is up to while also making it easier to show the competition what they are up against.


Ocean Financial Center Singapore
Ocean Financial Center Singapore


Finally, businesses that work mostly in sales should be able to work with other companies to which they sell their items. Therefore, it is best for the company to determine which companies they will most likely sell to and move closest to them. Having customers right around the corner makes it much easier to service their account. Plus, customers who are right around the corner are more likely to come over and get help with their accounts.

Giving customer who are working with a business that is in sales an office that is easy to visit will create more loyal customers than anything else. Also, these facilities do not have to be large. They simply need to be close to where all of the action is.


UOB Plaza Singapore
UOB Plaza Singapore

When choosing the best place to locate a business, it is wise to remember what the business does and who it does business with. Choosing a strategically-advantageous location is something that will make a business more viable on the marketplace. Without making the right choices, a business will simply open an office that is not going to do anything but eat up cash.


Duo Office Tower Singapore
Duo Office Tower Singapore



Modern DUO Tower Singapore
Modern DUO Tower Singapore

When businesses choose the right place to relocate in Singapore, they are choosing the best place to run their operations, to work with their customers and to be nearest to their competition. Combining all of these factors makes a business’ location most vital in the marketplace today.



Start Small, Go Global: How Virtual Offices Are The Answer To Today’s Business

Virtual offices have changed the way people do business around the world. Virtual offices have no fixed office space, but people all over the world can communicate with one another via Internet and telephone. Most of these types of employees rely on cell phones and laptops to do business. It’s a new way of doing business that’s gaining momentum fast. Here are some of the advantages of virtual offices and how they can improve productivity and efficiency around the world.




1. Helps to Eliminate Rent Costs

With a virtual office, you can save on rental costs. A physical office that’s occupied constantly is more expensive than a virtual office. Most people with a home office will use their homes as a home base to keep costs low. Virtual offices are made possible with cloud applications and mobile devices.


2. Reduce Travel Time to Work

Most people spend, at least, an hour commuting to and from work daily. Some people may spend as much as four hours in a car every day. Imagine how much more productive you could be if you spend one to four extra hours per day working instead of fighting traffic. Not only will you reduce travel time, but you’ll reduce your stress levels. Some people recognize that their productivity levels increase when they have more time to focus on their tasks in a non-stressful environment.


3. Reduce Transportation Costs

If you don’t have to travel to your office, you can save money on gas and maintenance on your vehicle. Gas prices are constantly rising. Think of the money you could save without the commute.


4. Give Your Life Flexibility

When you are working from a virtual office, you will have more time to do what they want during the day. When you hit a roadblock, you can take care of household errands to help them refocus and recharge. Even a power nap is possible if you’re working from home or a virtual office. When you work with your natural rhythm, you’re more likely to be a happier and more productive employee.


Virtual Workforce Facts



5. Achieve Global Exposure with an Expanded Employee Pool

If you want to achieve global exposure, you can pay for several virtual offices around the world. Your product or service will improve when people have input from all over the world. Collaboration yields much better products and services. Some companies will have a home office in Paris and hire employees in Tokyo because they have the skills they need. Virtual office tools makes it easier to work remotely.


6. Professionals Who Can Help

Professionals are available at all times to help people set up what they need in the office. This may mean that they’ll help set up reliable phone service and ensure that your entire office is connected properly. They can also answer any other questions that people may have about the virtual offices.





Sign Up for a Virtual Office

When you’re ready to make the commitment, sign up for a virtual office here. Your representative can help you find the best solution for your business.

Overview of Dua Residency, Kuala Lumpur

The City Center in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur has become one of the most sought after residential, commercial and retail locations in the world. KLCC is a mecca of luxury residences and modern infrastructure that has been under heavy development by the world’s leading contractors since the early 1990s. The Dua Residency offers fully loaded condominiums that successfully cater to the lavish lifestyles of the cutting edge city. E&O Property Development has skillfully located their latest awe inspiring residential buildings in a professional neighborhood on the avenue Jalan Tun Razak. It is a peaceful haven in an economic boom town.

The two 20 story towers and their 288 units occupy five acres of the Jalan Tun Razak area. Apartments in Dua Residency do not lack in amenities. Each apartment comes fully furnished, with impressively modern bathrooms and kitchens, and concealed air conditioning. A minimum of two parking spots is reserved for every residence, and 24/7 security surveillance keeps the premises safe. The condominiums house adult and children’s pools, a jacuzzi and a gymnasium complete with personal trainers. A nursery and playground are available to residents with children. Meeting halls, a cafe and a mini grocery store round off the extensive list of amenities.


Dua Residency KLCC


Dua Residency Pool


Dua Residency Interior





The area around the two buildings is home to several parks, the High Commissions of Canada and Singapore, US and Japanese embassies, various international schools, and premiere health care facilities. It is a professional environment where one will find courtesy and respect. The renowned commercial centers of KLCC are easily accessible to residents of the condominiums by car or public transportation. The Jalan Tun Razak artery does suffer from heavy traffic, but that is generally relegated to morning and afternoon commutes. Fine dining and shopping are a short walk away, as is the Royal Selangor Golf Club and Ampang Park LRT station.

Dua Residency, Jalan Tun Razak



E&O Property Development spared no expense in building materials and applied cutting edge architectural techniques for the creation of the Dua Residency. The company has an impressive track record abroad and in Malaysia, and they have ensured that the luxury condos in Dua Residency for sale and rent meet the high standards of excellence that is now expected of the company (view the latest Dua Residency for rent and sale list here.). The buildings were completed in 2007, and E&O’s brand equity make their apartments a great investment. Prices for their units are an amazing bargain when one considers the alternatives in KLCC and E&O’s high quality craftsmanship. Current pricing estimates have the units available from about RM850 to RM900 per square foot. Units range from 2,000 to 3,500 square feet with the penthouses covering 5,472 sf and the master suites covering about 6,000 sf.

Looking to Rent Office Space in Malaysia?

As a small or medium sized company, you may not require an entire building to house your employees, but you may need to use a floor or two of office space in someone else’s building. Luckily, this is more than possible and actually quite easy to do- as long as you know where to look, that is. Servcorp Malaysia is the local specialist when it comes to finding and renting office space in Kuala Lumpur, so make sure and check with them in order to get everything set up so that you can move into your new office space as soon as possible.

The Advantages of Renting Office Space 
Not every company is big enough to warrant having their own building- and others may not be able to afford it. If you are in either of those boats, you may be interested in the concept of executive suites. Executive suites are offices in another company’s building which aren’t being used. Instead of using the room for storage or just having wasted space in the building, though, the companies decide to rent these offices out. The rent is usually highly affordable, and the smaller companies get access to the great amenities that the bigger company is taking advantage of.


Europe Google creative and unique office
Europe Google creative and unique office


How to Find Executive Suites 
Servcorp Malaysia’s serviced offices are well-recommended when hunting for an executive suite. They have an incredible amount of office space throughout the country which they are saving for a company just like yours. They are known for their high quality offices that feature breathtaking views, high tech conference rooms, plenty of hookups and spacious offices themselves. They are also able to work within your budget to find the biggest and best offices at the lowest prices.

Creative office design by M Moser Associates
Creative office design by M Moser Associates


Meeting Place for a Day 
Perhaps you don’t really need office space but are simply looking for a meeting room that you can use every once in a while and it seems that Servcorp can cater to that too. It’s not that hard to find your nearest conference room in Kuala Lumpur to have a high-class, professional meeting that will be sure to impress your customers or shareholders. This option is best if your company can do most of their work from home yet need a place to meet regularly that isn’t loud and busy like a coffee shop. Whatever your office space needs, try looking into one of their serviced offices.

This office building at the Brouwersgracht, downtown Amsterdam, is an archetypical Dutch canalhouse.
This office building at the Brouwersgracht, downtown Amsterdam, is an archetypical Dutch canalhouse.


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Tips on What to Look out For at Property Fairs

Property fairs can be an excellent way for savvy investors and homeowners to find ideal properties. However, just because there is property for sale doesn’t mean that it will automatically be a good deal.

Whether looking for land in the United States or local real estate in Malaysia, it pays to know what one is getting into before getting into it. Here are some tips on what to look out for at one’s next property fair.

Avoid Open Adjacent Plots 
In general, it is a good idea to stay away from open plots located next to any properties or plots of land one is interested in. This is because one never truly knows what will be developed on the plot in the future, and until it is there, promises can always turn out empty.

Many investors and homeowners are told that the surrounding land will be turned into homes, only to find that commercial buildings and industrial sites are erected months later. And once one buys a home, one will not want to move from there, so it is best to know one’s neighbors in advance.

Steer Clear of Commercial Buildings 
Similarly to the first point, it is essential to keep away from commercial buildings when scoping out property fairs unless one does not have any other choice. This includes obvious things like businesses and company or industrial sites.

However, sites such as churches or other houses of worship and schools and community centers can also cause trouble, simply because they are likely to face traffic and increase congestion due to the large numbers of people who are likely to frequent them.

Of course, if one plans on attending a particular house of worship or sending one’s children to a particular school, these drawbacks might turn out to be benefits. However, they should be kept in mind.

Lotus Temple Delhi
Lotus Temple Delhi


Look Out for Landslides and Floods 
Finally, keep an eye out for flood zones and sloped land close to large bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes. Flood zones are not always easy to identify and there are many land and real estate developers who will not mention the potential dangers simply because they are more interested in making the sale than in keeping the buyer informed and secure.


In conclusion, even though it can be a challenge to find a good plot of land or property in general at a property fair, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to do so. There is good land out there and there are good homes just waiting to be bought. It’s just a good idea to do one’s due diligence first, in order to make sure that an investment doesn’t turn out to be a fool’s bargain.

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Know Your Property’s Worth

When a person gets married, the first thing he looks for is a roof over his head for his future expanding family. Hence, he will start looking for property for sale, property for rent, house for sale or even house for rent. For a fresh graduate who is just employed, he or she would start browsing around for an apartment for sale or apartment for rent, preferably at a location near his work place.

When a person buys his condominium, he needs to understand his property’s worth – so that he does not overpay compared to the property market price. For those with excess disposable income, he would probably look for a bungalow auction property from the newspapers or property listing web sites. There will surely be at least a property for sale or a property for rent as he scours around the world wide web. One needs to know his property’s worth especially if he plans to have his house for sale or even for investment.

Properties are a good hedge against inflation and they will appreciate in value over time. It is therefore better to invest in properties than say, the stock or share market, where you will find prices fluctuate like a roller coaster and leading life on the edge. There are many affordable houses for rent or apartments for sale. By understanding one’s property’s worth, then he or she can make a handsome profit when it is eventually sold or rented out to tenants. There are many apartments for rent, including condominiums or bungalow auction property.

Factors to consider when buying a property include the surrounding amenities and infrastructure. Are there hospitals and food cafes nearby? Is the school within walking distance? Are there any shopping malls in the vicinity? Are the roads well tarred and near to one’s work place or office? Is it easy to conduct business where potential clients are aplenty in the neighborhood? Are there any recreational parks nearby?

These are but some of the pertinent factors to ponder about before committing to paying that deposit down payment for your property. Once one has committed to pay, it will be difficult to back off and find someone willing to buy it from him. He will have to do extensive research and checking out the neighborhood to make sure that the surroundings are inhabited by people who enjoy privacy and security. Not any nosy villagers who out step his boundary and tries to control your life.

By understanding one’s property’s worth, he can make an educated guess of the current price and valuation of the property. In any investment in one’s life, property buying will take up a huge chunk of his savings where he will have to work for the next twenty or thirty years to pay back the mortgage by installments.

Some people do property flipping where they buy and sell for profit at the right time. These people tend to be very diligent and know the current market value. They also tend to make a lot of money from such process and transaction. Most of them will eventually become millionaires in net worth owning several properties at the same time. Find out more leasing property at