5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home in Malaysia

Malaysia real estateĀ is booming. But when you buy a home in this country, you are not only purchasing a shelter; you are also buying a lifestyle and a neighborhood in the vicinity. You are also buying into the schools, entertainment venues, recreational facilities, emergency facilities and other elements that make up a good community. Therefore, it is important that you start ranking your preferences in an order that is of importance to you.

How to find a best place to live in Malaysia? First, begin to research the variety of available homes that meet your needs (you can visit the Top Real Estate Malaysia Portal). Drive around that neighborhood and see if it appeals to you. If you are in contact with a broker, you will have the opportunity to walk through homes that are up for sale. Features that mark the theme of the neighborhood will stand out in your potential home and you will begin to understand what type of home you are buying. Next, discuss the neighborhood with your agent. Narrow down your choices to less than 5 homes. This will help you to better focus on these homes and work toward finding the best one.

Because purchasing a home is a personal decision, there are a few key factors like explained below to consider before you start your home search.

1. Do you want to buy a home surrounded by lots of lands or one in a city? Depending on the population density, your future home will have certain price and land surrounding it. Schools, parks and cultural life are other issues of concern to potential homeowners.

2. Do you want to live near new businesses that attract high population growth or near natural elements like forests, lake, ponds or oceans? It all depends on your favorite setting so keep in mind as you explore the homes.

3. What are your family educational needs five or ten years from now? Consider the proximity to elementary, high-schools and colleges when moving into a neighborhood.

4. What kind of entertainment keeps you alive? Create a list of recreation spots that you enjoy the most, such as parks, movie theaters, sports arenas and bike trails within walking distance from your future home.

5. What is your neighborhood choice? Note that moving into a family friendly neighborhood will go a long way toward creating a life you always envisioned.

These factors will help you take proactive approach during your home search in Malaysia.


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Finding the Perfect Home: Part 2

Continued from Finding the Perfect Home: Part 1


How many bedrooms do you need for your home? You will need to make this consideration based on the number of people who are staying with you. Typically, a lot of people missed out on this point due to budget and location, and the normal, average number of bedrooms which a home has is three. Is it enough for you?

The decision can be very personal. One couple, for example, decided that they will need a bedroom for themselves, a bedroom for the wife’s mom, a room where the couple may share as a home office for the husband and a study for the wife, and of course a couple of bedrooms for the children. Also, the husband also promised a special prayers room for the wife due to the different deities which they worship in terms of religious needs. You may imagine that this couple may need a bungalow which has at least five rooms, and the AV room converted into the prayer room for the wife.


This seem to be trivial, but in reality, it may mean a lot in the long run. You may have children who need to get to school, clashing their bathroom times with you when you need to rush for work. If you have only one bathroom, you need to time yourselves very well just to be sure that your child and you will not be late for school or for work. Also, couples might even be fighting with each other each morning for the use of the bathroom, which is not going to be healthy for the relationship in the long run.

Number of Storeys

Usually, single storey homes in Malaysia has a standard of three, maximum four, bedrooms, with the option of probably two bathrooms. For houses which are two storeys or more, there can be the options of up to, maybe five bedrooms. Sometimes, you might want to be sure that you have a proper bedroom (not a maid’s bedroom) on the ground floor if you have elderly parents living with you, if your house is two or three storeys high.

These ideals which will make your perfect home should be thought about, and carefully decided when you search for a house or apartment for sale. Let’s not shortchange yourself in the process.

Finding the Perfect Home: Part 1

Anyone can afford to be choosy when it comes to picking a new home. Whatever your relatives or even the real estate agent says, you should never think that your budget is too low to allow you to get a perfect home for yourself. Of course, you need to be realistic and not hope to get a landed property with a boutique swimming pool in the garden if your budget is only helping you get an apartment, but you might actually get an apartment with a swimming pool as part of its facilities.

When you start looking for your perfect home, make a list of the things which you must have in the house as the most basic criteria so that you will not miss out on some of the most important things you must have in the house to make your truly satisfied with the purchase. Your list will be different from the list which your colleague or best friend make, because it is your own desires, your individual demands.


You may start by deciding whether you want your home to be within the city centre or in the satellite towns nearby. What lifestyle are you looking for? It depends very much on whether you are a city dweller, or you would prefer a more relaxed lifestyle after work hours. The satellite towns or suburbs are generally cheaper than if you were to pick a home in the city centre, but it will probably mean more commute time for you to and from work. It may also mean that you are probably a little further away from restaurants, schools and shopping malls. However, staying in the city centre is probably a little noisy especially during weekends, and it can have higher crime rates too.


Very often, your budget is a huge consideration. It is all about how much downpayment you can afford, and how much loan you can get from the bank. Get yourself pre-qualified by speaking to the banker, see how much the bank is able to provide you based on your income. This will help you maximize on how much money you can spend on buying property for sale.

With the budget ready in mind, you can then start to shortlist the homes based on the pricing and the location which you already had in mind. Very often, homes on the roads in front of busy, noisy streets may actually be cheaper although it may also resell at a lower price too. If your bedroom is going to be facing the streets, you might also get lesser quality sleep.

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