How to buy overseas Property

There are many people who would love to purchase as property overseas. Especially places they love visiting like Italy or Paris. They consider buying a property in these areas as a holiday home. This way they conveniently have somewhere to stay without having to stay in an expensive hotel. They could rent out the place while they are not occupying it in order to pay for the costs.

There is one person who chose to purchase a place in Italy with a group of her friends. She wants to know what the costs is when it comes to taxes and the disadvantages of purchasing a home with friends would be. She found a place in Bagnone. The price of the property she wants to purchase with her friends will cost about $133,000. The only problem is that it needs renovation. She can actually get advice online. There are specific websites she can refer to for help.

It is required of her to add 15 percent at least to cover the costs in purchasing the property. Since she plan to make money on the property, then it is required of her and her friends to figure out the share each of them will be getting by annual tax returns that will be done in Australia. There is no income tax requirement in Italy, but there is a tax treaty in Australia. She will be able to claim similar deductions like owning a property in Australia. This will also include interests and other expenses when it comes to borrowing a property.

You need to keep in mind that you will not get money from renovating the place, but you will get money when it comes to repairs and maintenance to the property. For example, if there is minor repair needed for the wall, then you can get from that. You can not get money if you decide to replace the whole wall.

The second thing you need to know is that you can only get deduction for the time the place is available for tenants. So if you and your friends decide to rent the property for 12 weeks, you can still claim pro rate expenses for the rest of the 40 weeks. That is if the property is advertised and available at the time is the only way for that to be possible.

When it comes to shared property it is a good idea to make sure everything is taken care of legally to avoid to any complications or problems. You want to make sure that your friendship will not jeopardize during this process. There is an international lawyer name Michael Bula in Melbourne that insists on shareholder agreement. It will explain the value share and exit strategy. This is when a member either dies or divorces or they wish to involve another shareholder. This way it can avoid any conflicts that might come across between the shareholders that are involved.

This basically what you need to expect when it deals with buying overseas property. There are things you have to consider, especially when it comes to sharing a property with some other people and the profit that you will be able to get from it when it comes to renting the place. Browse around this site to learn the Most Common Property Investment Mistakes.


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How to Find a Property in Johor, Malaysia

Lately, there have been a lot of property development projects taking place in Johor, Malaysia. Many of us are also looking at the potentials of working and living in this state, but there are also a lot of stories about how the property prices soared due to investment from those who works in Singapore but resides in Johor. However, there is no need to worry because there are still a lot of properties available in Johor, both for sale and for rent which you can see from the listings in the HomeGuru property portal.

When you search for a property for sale or for rent using HomeGuru, a Malaysia property portal, you will be able to get an idea how the property looks like because the listings includes photographs of the properties. There will also be information such as the type of property, the area, and the contact information of the agent or seller, together with the asking price of the property, build-up area and also price per square feet of the property. It then becomes an easy comparison for you as a buyer, to see how you evaluate the value of the property which you are looking for.

HomeGuru’s Malaysia properties listing in Johor can be searched by areas, price and other search criteria which will meet your needs. The HomeGuru search option allows you to narrow down your search where you can define the number of bedrooms of your new, prospective home. The search option is very convenient and easy to use, so there is no need for you to waste time analysing the search results and refining your list.

Once you have found all the information that you may need from the database, you may then proceed to call the agents. Sometimes, it may be one agent who may have several properties to show you, and you can easily arrange for the same agent to bring you for house viewing for a few hours or a full day. Keep up at it, until you find the property that you want.

How else can you take advantage of HomeGuru in your search for property in Johor? If you are at a loss over the numerous selection of homes within the area of your search, you may wish to look for the advice of some area experts. You may then go to the “Find Agent” section, where you can search for an Area Specialist who will be able to advise you on the details of the area you are looking for. Do you have a question about the average price of the property in your area? Is it affected by flood or traffic jam? Are there any schools nearby? What are the facilities available in the area?

All these questions can be forwarded to the area experts and they will be able to answer them for you as much as their knowledge can help. If you are looking for luxury properties, you may even seek the assistance of luxury specialists who specialise in the sale and rent of luxurious apartments, condos and homes. They will be able to advice you on the types of facilities and which will suit your luxury home needs.

You can also find listings of new homes available in Johor in the HomeGuru website. There is no discrimination of the development projects, so you may choose the property and projects without having to worry about too much advertising gigs from advertisements. It will only give some direct information such as the developer, description about the property, photographs and other relevant information about the project. Updates by the developer are also available as it is important to help the buyer with his buying decision.

HomeGuru is highly recommended as a source to look for properties in Johor. Whether you are looking for a property for sale or for rent in Johor, you will be able to get some insight about the area and the properties price average for that wise purchasing decision. Learn some tips in finding an apartment for rent here.

Finding the Perfect Home: Part 1

Anyone can afford to be choosy when it comes to picking a new home. Whatever your relatives or even the real estate agent says, you should never think that your budget is too low to allow you to get a perfect home for yourself. Of course, you need to be realistic and not hope to get a landed property with a boutique swimming pool in the garden if your budget is only helping you get an apartment, but you might actually get an apartment with a swimming pool as part of its facilities.

When you start looking for your perfect home, make a list of the things which you must have in the house as the most basic criteria so that you will not miss out on some of the most important things you must have in the house to make your truly satisfied with the purchase. Your list will be different from the list which your colleague or best friend make, because it is your own desires, your individual demands.


You may start by deciding whether you want your home to be within the city centre or in the satellite towns nearby. What lifestyle are you looking for? It depends very much on whether you are a city dweller, or you would prefer a more relaxed lifestyle after work hours. The satellite towns or suburbs are generally cheaper than if you were to pick a home in the city centre, but it will probably mean more commute time for you to and from work. It may also mean that you are probably a little further away from restaurants, schools and shopping malls. However, staying in the city centre is probably a little noisy especially during weekends, and it can have higher crime rates too.


Very often, your budget is a huge consideration. It is all about how much downpayment you can afford, and how much loan you can get from the bank. Get yourself pre-qualified by speaking to the banker, see how much the bank is able to provide you based on your income. This will help you maximize on how much money you can spend on buying property for sale.

With the budget ready in mind, you can then start to shortlist the homes based on the pricing and the location which you already had in mind. Very often, homes on the roads in front of busy, noisy streets may actually be cheaper although it may also resell at a lower price too. If your bedroom is going to be facing the streets, you might also get lesser quality sleep.

Stay tuned for Finding the Perfect Home: Part 2