Tips on What to Look out For at Property Fairs

Property fairs can be an excellent way for savvy investors and homeowners to find ideal properties. However, just because there is property for sale doesn’t mean that it will automatically be a good deal.

Whether looking for land in the United States or local real estate in Malaysia, it pays to know what one is getting into before getting into it. Here are some tips on what to look out for at one’s next property fair.

Avoid Open Adjacent Plots 
In general, it is a good idea to stay away from open plots located next to any properties or plots of land one is interested in. This is because one never truly knows what will be developed on the plot in the future, and until it is there, promises can always turn out empty.

Many investors and homeowners are told that the surrounding land will be turned into homes, only to find that commercial buildings and industrial sites are erected months later. And once one buys a home, one will not want to move from there, so it is best to know one’s neighbors in advance.

Steer Clear of Commercial Buildings 
Similarly to the first point, it is essential to keep away from commercial buildings when scoping out property fairs unless one does not have any other choice. This includes obvious things like businesses and company or industrial sites.

However, sites such as churches or other houses of worship and schools and community centers can also cause trouble, simply because they are likely to face traffic and increase congestion due to the large numbers of people who are likely to frequent them.

Of course, if one plans on attending a particular house of worship or sending one’s children to a particular school, these drawbacks might turn out to be benefits. However, they should be kept in mind.

Lotus Temple Delhi
Lotus Temple Delhi


Look Out for Landslides and Floods 
Finally, keep an eye out for flood zones and sloped land close to large bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes. Flood zones are not always easy to identify and there are many land and real estate developers who will not mention the potential dangers simply because they are more interested in making the sale than in keeping the buyer informed and secure.


In conclusion, even though it can be a challenge to find a good plot of land or property in general at a property fair, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to do so. There is good land out there and there are good homes just waiting to be bought. It’s just a good idea to do one’s due diligence first, in order to make sure that an investment doesn’t turn out to be a fool’s bargain.

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